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Friday, April 30, 2010

I really want a new house. 

On Monday we had our third pipe burst since we have lived here.  My husband wasn't home and I didn't know where the shut off valve was so it ran much longer than I wish it had.  Luckily his dad lives down the street and luckily the pipe burst over the sump pump, but never the less it is now time to replace the pipes.  Not just a couple of pipes, but all of them. $$

Our sliding glass door is broken.  It won't roll.  The sealant has broken and it is now foggy.  Per our HOA we have to have brown windows with diamond grids.  Now the only windows and doors that are brown are white on the inside.  Our old ones are not.  And are old windows are in almost as bad shape as the door.  Guess what...it's also time to replace all the windows.$$

Our deck is almost broken.  The boards are old and splintery.  Not exactly the best surface for little knees and hands.  We love to sit outside and haven't been out hardly at all because the deck isn't safe for Harper.  We need to replace the deck boards.  Sense a theme here?

The killer is we don't even want to be here anymore.  We want a yard to play in.  We want more room.  And yet we have to wait for the market to really bounce back to do that.  We always thought of this as our starter house.  The house before kids.  Now we have 1 baby, 2 fur babies, and would like to add more kids to the mix.  All in the broken, expensive house.  I guess the upside, is our broken expensive house will have a face lift come the next few weeks.

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  1. Don't you just hate all of these little issues?! It would be so much more fun to have house that would stay perfect forever...like that is going to happen;)!

    Hopefully the market will turn quickly.

    Good luck!