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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Two weekends ago was Harper's first wedding extravaganza. My good friend from elementary school was getting married and I was in the wedding, so I had asked a while ago if Harper was also invited. A lot of the weddings we have been to lately, have been either adult only or late at night so Harper stayed with a grandparent while we went. I was so excited when she said Harper was invited too.

I went to to mall for mission baby suit. I was determined for him to look the part. I found his outfit at Children's place. Navy blazer, khaki dress pants, white button down and a little yellow and blue tie. Not a clip on either, a real tie. I was so excited for him to wear this outfit.

So on Thursday the weekend was finally here. We left as soon as I got off work around 11:30. I forgot completely how long it took to pack the car for a weekend trip. Usually there are two of us to pack up our car and get us going, but Chris was coming later so it was just me. When the car was finally packed, Harper has still not woken up from his nap, so I had to wake him up. Ugh. Anyone who has ever been around babies knows this is not a good idea. But we had to get to MD, so I had to wake him up. There was some screaming and crying, but he eventually went back to sleep and slept until we got there around 1.

We needed to get up there to help with flowers. My friend was putting together her own bouquets, boutineers, centerpieces, etc and I said I would help. This was a big undertaking. Especially with a little baby crawling around. I put Harper on the patio to crawl around. He was ok for a few minutes, but then he wanted to be held, or crawl in the grass, or grab flowers, etc. Within another few minutes he had lost a sock and skinned a toe. Then he was hungry. Then he wanted puffs. All while I was trying to help with flowers. Then he would cry. I think just to cry. Usually I pick Harper up as soon as he cries, but I couldn't while I was helping. So I would talk to him and try to explain what I was doing, but come on he's 9month old so obviously that wasn't working. Then I tried to make flowers with a baby on my hip. Not really working either. Then my friend's mom offered to take Harper for a walk. Whew! Finally we could work on the flowers.
We got a lot done in the thirty minutes they were gone. Of course once they cam back he was in full mama mode. I put him down on the patio one more time. This time he managed to dump an entire dog bowl full of water on him, so after that it was time to go home. When I put him in the car, he was soaken wet, lost both shoes and one sock, had a skinned toe, in other words a complete mess. And I was exhausted.

Next it was time to get ready and go to the rehearsal dinner. So we went to my parents' house which is right around the corner from my friend. When we get there my parents are very excited to see him. He is excited to, but remember he has been adventurous all afternoon and only had the nap in the car. It is now 4 o'clock and he is well over due for a nap. This means melt down could happen at any time. He starts crawling around their house. They tried to baby proof everything, but I think they may have forgotten how much he is capable of getting into. And of course he bee lines for everything he's not supposed to. I ask my dad if he can watch him, while I get ready. The first thing my dad says to Harper is "do you want a cheerio?". For some reason my dad is obsessed with Harper eating Cherrios. So as I walk back to the room to get ready my dad is following Harper around as he crawls asking him if he wants Cheerios. For one he shouldn't eat while he's crawling, another he just ate, but I left it alone. Then I hear crying. I yell is he ok? My dad says yes and I hear him offer Harper another Cherrio. As if cheerios will fix everything. I was running short on time so I couldn't really do much about it, except hope that Harper was still in one piece when I got back and not OD on Cherrios.

When we got home, Harper was passed out in my parents' bed between them. He won't sleep in the pack and play at their house, so my mom kinda waits up for us when we sleep over. When I go pick him up out of their bed to go to sleep, of course the munchkin wakes up and is ready to play. At 11pm. Again ugh. We're all tried, but Harper is ready for a party. So he plays for a little and then goes to bed.

As always, Harper doesn't really get the whole concept of sleeping in so he's up at 6am. I get up with him and he gets a bottle and he plays for a little while, but somehow he is ready to go back to sleep around 8 and I gladly join him for a little nap.

At 10:30 I was off for the day getting ready with the bride and friends. Harper had the whole day with daddy. At our house this would be no problem, but being at my parent's house this is a little more difficult. Not many toys, not his crib, new surrounding. My poor husband was a trooper though and took it in stride.

When I saw him again at the wedding, Harper was in his little suit but had already lost a shoe. When I saw him as we walked into the church my dad was carrying him around. When he saw me he screamed for his mommy. but I couldn't get him. This is how my dad spent most of the ceremony.

If you look close you can see how Harper has now lost both shoes and a sock. It was pretty chilly outside too. But at least he is happy. At the reception he was a little angel and I got to share him with some friends I haven't been able to have him meet yet. Over all it was an eventful and fun weekend for Harper's first wedding.

Monday, March 22, 2010

50 down....315 to go

I've made it 50 days so far of my 365 project. I am pretty proud of myself. I usually don't stick with things very long. Especially if I am not perfect at it from the get go. But I am sticking with this, and I am definitely not a perfect photographer. Far from it. But I am learning and I feel as though I am getting better. I can't wait to take more pictures and see how I have changed from the beginning to the end. I hope I can get more subjects too. I love taking pictures of Harper, Buddy and Marley, but would love to expand my portfolio. Here are my 50th day photos :) Inspired by the first day of Spring!

Monday, March 15, 2010


To my Harper:
Happy 9months to my favorite little man! My how you have grown! From a teeny baby who didn't want to eat to a big 22lb guy who can't get enough.

You are quite the momma's boy and love our time together. I love the way your face lights up when you see me. I'm sure mine lights up just the same when I see you. You have the cutest way of "giving kisses". It is more of a cheek suck, but I think they are sweet kisses.

I have taken so many pictures of you as I have tried to capture every moment of you before you change. I don't want to miss anything that you do. That hobby of mine has caused you now do the "cheese" smile whenever you see a bright light, even at the doctors getting your eyes checked. When you did that smile at the doctor's office I laughed so hard I cried. Your smile brightens the room. You smile not just with your mouth, but your whole face. Even your eyes twinkle.

You have a love of life and love to explore. You especially love things that are a little too grown up for you. It seems like you are always trying to push the envelope and see what else you can do or what else you can get into.

You love to move and the doctor said you may be walking soon. I have to admit I hope you stay crawling at least a little longer. You are still bald and toothless, but pull it off so well! You have cute little peach fuzz that stands up just a little bit when you wake up from a nap. I am enjoying every moment with you and so happy that I am your mommy! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby! I can't believe we only have 3 more months before your first birthday!

(the cheese smile)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Clothes

I have always been a clothes horse (btw I think this is the craziest expression to call someone who loves clothes, but anyway). I love to shop. I love to get new clothes. I love to put outfits together in my head and then feel the need to complete them. When I have a bad a little retail therapy always helps.

BH (before Harper), I got new clothes a lot. I would give any excuse to buy something new. We have a wedding, I need a new dress. There is a birthday party, I need a new top. My friend is coming for lunch, I need a new belt, etc. I would buy something new for everything and anything. Often times there wasn't even a reason, I just wanted something new. My favorite stores to buy from have been the LOFT, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Coach, White House Black Market, Victoria Secret, Target, etc. I always lust after things at more expensive stores but never could buy there.

AH(After Harper) we have been trying to save money. That means little to no shopping. I do a lot of online shopping, putting it in the cart, but then not actually buying it. I look at the cart over and over and kind of pretend that I am going to buy and then either things get sold out, or I cancel my cart after a few days ( I know this is really pathetic). I miss shopping. A LOT. I am at the point right now where I really don't like most of my clothes. After having a baby, things don't fit quite right sometimes and after being so used to shopping it's really hard for me to wear the same things over and over again ( I know, again really pathetic).

Today I was dying. Yesterday I must have tried on 50 outfits before I decided what to wear. SO when I woke up today I had shopping on the brain. After going to the LOFT.com and putting 200 worth of clothes in my shopping bag that I knew I couldn't really buy, I decided I would go to Target and let my self get a new top or two. So this afternoon went to Target and got two new tops. This is what I bought:
This is from the Liberty of London collection from Target. If you need a cute, inexpensive top I highly recommend them. I also bought a navy print top that I can't find a picture or a 3/4 length sleeve white cardigan. Hopefully this holds me over at least a little while.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Week

Maybe it's the weather, but this week has been pretty good! Sunday we came home from our first weekend trip away from Harper. I was so worried because of his separation anxiety lately, but my parents said they don't think he cried once! I think I may have missed him more than he missed me! They played, laughed and had a great time with their grandparents, but I did get the best smile and lots of kisses from my three babies when we walked in the door.

After that we went for a family walk. Yay again for sunny, warm weather! Then we had a lazy day of snuggling, playing and relaxing. Harper even crawled up his first stair!

On Monday, my kids at school were absolutely wonderful! They listened and did so well! Being a kindergarten teacher can be very difficult some days, but when everyone listens it is so fun. They are so excited about learning and everything is new! Monday afternoon we played and napped. Harper and I even went to the gym. I had to leave the class early because Harper was crying, but I got a 40 minute workout.

On Tuesday, Harper and I went for our first run outside with the jogging stroller and had our first trip to the park. Harper had his first time in a swing! It is so fun to see him experience new things.
Today we had Babygarten. It is so fun to see the kids play and interact. Especially after seeing them all so little and how much they have changed over the last few months. It's amazing how much they are able to do now and how independent they are trying to be. They are all so cute and wonderful. Harper was so cute playing with his friends. They crawl on each other, sit on one another, steal toys, etc. It's so fun to see how they are learning about each other. I wish I had pictures to share.

I hope the rest of this week continues to be so great. I am so thankful for all the wonderful things in my life right now.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sweet Moments

Last night around 2 Harper woke up as he has the last few nights wanting to play. So I brought him into our bed hoping he would go back to sleep. He snuggled right against me and I thought went right to sleep. A few moments later when I had almost drifted back to sleep, I feel a little hand against my cheek. I open my eyes and these two little eyes are peeking at me. I don't know if he was watching me sleep or hoping I would get up and play, but the way he was holding my cheek was so sweet and done in such a caring way. It's like the way I often stroke his cheek. I wish I could have taken a picture. It's one of those little moments I think I will always remember. Moments like this are what is so wonderful about being a mommy.
My cute little guy playing during the day.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday we went to babygarten. It's a singing, playing, reading class for babies that's offered at the library. We're taking it with a bunch of moms from mommy bootcamp (yay!). We don't get to go to bootcamp very much so it's so fun to see them and their cute little guys!

When we started way back in August, Harper was the youngest and smallest of the babies who we made friends with. When we went yesterday, while he is still the youngest, he is definitely not the smallest. He was by far the chubbiest baby there! At 6months, Harper was 18lbs 8oz. We are thinking he is well over 20lbs now, but not positive. We should know for sure on the 15th. The other babies are all so cute and definitley not as chubby.

Now I am worried though. Does he eat too much? I am feeding him the wrong foods? Is it my fault because I stopped nursing 6months and now he gets formula? Is chunking out now, but will lose it when he starts walking? Am I overly worried about nothing and he's totally fine?

He started gaining more weight around 6months. He does love to eat. He stops when he is full though. He is right between 6-9month clothes and 9-12month clothes. So I think that's pretty on par since he will be 9months old on the 15th. It's so hard to know what is right and wrong as far as feeding the little ones. We found "guidelines" online that we follow, but it's not cut and dry. I even hold things off and wait until the late end to expose him to things. I wish there were rules or a list to follow so I would know if I was ok or not.

My little one eating some yogurt juice and cherrios for dinner.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Great Poem

I know I feel like this a lot. Since I am home all afternoon I feel like nothing gets done, but I am busy from the second I get home until bedtime. Here's the poem.

Stay at Home Moms, What Did You Do Today?
Today I left some dishes dirty, The bed got made around 3:30. The diapers soaked a little longer, The odor grew a little stronger. The crumbs I spilled the day before, Are staring at me from the floor. The fingerprints there on the wall, Will likely be there still next fall. The dirty streaks on those window panes, Will still be there next time it rains. Shame on you, you sit and say, Just what did you do today?I nursed a baby till he slept, I held a toddler while he wept, I played a game of hide and seek, I squeezed a toy so it would squeak. I pulled a wagon, sang a song, Taught a child right from wrong. What did I do this whole day through? Not much that shows, I guess it’s true. Unless you think that what I’ve done, Might be important to someone, With bright brown eyes and soft blond hair, If that is true … I’ve done my share.
-Author Unknown


SO for Christmas Chris got me a gift certificate to take a photography class. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I've always loved photos, but now that I understand them more and am starting to edit them I am kinda obsessed. I just want to get better and better. I want to practice. The thing about me is that unless I feel successful right away at something or think I will be successful I usually don't try. Failure scares me and I never want to take the risk. This is something I am willing to take a risk at. I do feel as though I am getting better and becoming more successful. Here is my flickr page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39375425@N08/ I now just need guinea pigs so I can keep practicing.....any takers?

A few of my favorite shots.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Working Out

Before I got pregnant with Harper, I worked out pretty regularly. Almost everyday. I really enjoy running and taking classes. I love the way my body feels afterward and I also love that I feel like I can eat yummy food! In the may before I got pregnant, I even ran a half marathon (didn't get a great time, but I at least finished!) Even when I got pregnant, I was getting up at 5 and running before work (yay for me!) especially since I am NOT a morning person! Well, I was pretty sick while I was pregnant. I tried to keep running, but getting sick every few strides is kinda discouraging. I would still walk while I was pregnant, but that is not running.

After I had him, I started going to Mommy Bootcamp. I absolutely loved this! I felt very out of shape though. My endurance was definitely not the same after not working out for so long, but going to class 3-4 times a week really got me back in shape. I was fitting into my old jeans! woo hoo! This was great until I went back to work.

In October I started back to teaching. It's only part-time, but 23 kindergarteners are exhausting and coming home to a baby is doubling exhausting. SO needless to say, working out went out the window unfortunately. I have only worked out spuratically since going back to work. Here and there exercise does not change your body back to how you want it to be.

So I tried to make a schedule and train for a 5k. I tried to follow it, but got off track after a few weeks :( Then I signed up for a challenge at the gym. 25 classes in the month of March. I thought I could go at 12, but so far that seems to be right in the middle of naptime. The morning classes are while I am working and the night classes are dinner/bedtime. I'm so frustrated with this. I want to workout and take classes. I definitely want to go back to liking how my clothes fit. It just seems like something keeps coming up. Harper is my first priority. I have to figure out how to make myself a priority too and fit working out into the working/taking care of the baby day.