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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Two weekends ago was Harper's first wedding extravaganza. My good friend from elementary school was getting married and I was in the wedding, so I had asked a while ago if Harper was also invited. A lot of the weddings we have been to lately, have been either adult only or late at night so Harper stayed with a grandparent while we went. I was so excited when she said Harper was invited too.

I went to to mall for mission baby suit. I was determined for him to look the part. I found his outfit at Children's place. Navy blazer, khaki dress pants, white button down and a little yellow and blue tie. Not a clip on either, a real tie. I was so excited for him to wear this outfit.

So on Thursday the weekend was finally here. We left as soon as I got off work around 11:30. I forgot completely how long it took to pack the car for a weekend trip. Usually there are two of us to pack up our car and get us going, but Chris was coming later so it was just me. When the car was finally packed, Harper has still not woken up from his nap, so I had to wake him up. Ugh. Anyone who has ever been around babies knows this is not a good idea. But we had to get to MD, so I had to wake him up. There was some screaming and crying, but he eventually went back to sleep and slept until we got there around 1.

We needed to get up there to help with flowers. My friend was putting together her own bouquets, boutineers, centerpieces, etc and I said I would help. This was a big undertaking. Especially with a little baby crawling around. I put Harper on the patio to crawl around. He was ok for a few minutes, but then he wanted to be held, or crawl in the grass, or grab flowers, etc. Within another few minutes he had lost a sock and skinned a toe. Then he was hungry. Then he wanted puffs. All while I was trying to help with flowers. Then he would cry. I think just to cry. Usually I pick Harper up as soon as he cries, but I couldn't while I was helping. So I would talk to him and try to explain what I was doing, but come on he's 9month old so obviously that wasn't working. Then I tried to make flowers with a baby on my hip. Not really working either. Then my friend's mom offered to take Harper for a walk. Whew! Finally we could work on the flowers.
We got a lot done in the thirty minutes they were gone. Of course once they cam back he was in full mama mode. I put him down on the patio one more time. This time he managed to dump an entire dog bowl full of water on him, so after that it was time to go home. When I put him in the car, he was soaken wet, lost both shoes and one sock, had a skinned toe, in other words a complete mess. And I was exhausted.

Next it was time to get ready and go to the rehearsal dinner. So we went to my parents' house which is right around the corner from my friend. When we get there my parents are very excited to see him. He is excited to, but remember he has been adventurous all afternoon and only had the nap in the car. It is now 4 o'clock and he is well over due for a nap. This means melt down could happen at any time. He starts crawling around their house. They tried to baby proof everything, but I think they may have forgotten how much he is capable of getting into. And of course he bee lines for everything he's not supposed to. I ask my dad if he can watch him, while I get ready. The first thing my dad says to Harper is "do you want a cheerio?". For some reason my dad is obsessed with Harper eating Cherrios. So as I walk back to the room to get ready my dad is following Harper around as he crawls asking him if he wants Cheerios. For one he shouldn't eat while he's crawling, another he just ate, but I left it alone. Then I hear crying. I yell is he ok? My dad says yes and I hear him offer Harper another Cherrio. As if cheerios will fix everything. I was running short on time so I couldn't really do much about it, except hope that Harper was still in one piece when I got back and not OD on Cherrios.

When we got home, Harper was passed out in my parents' bed between them. He won't sleep in the pack and play at their house, so my mom kinda waits up for us when we sleep over. When I go pick him up out of their bed to go to sleep, of course the munchkin wakes up and is ready to play. At 11pm. Again ugh. We're all tried, but Harper is ready for a party. So he plays for a little and then goes to bed.

As always, Harper doesn't really get the whole concept of sleeping in so he's up at 6am. I get up with him and he gets a bottle and he plays for a little while, but somehow he is ready to go back to sleep around 8 and I gladly join him for a little nap.

At 10:30 I was off for the day getting ready with the bride and friends. Harper had the whole day with daddy. At our house this would be no problem, but being at my parent's house this is a little more difficult. Not many toys, not his crib, new surrounding. My poor husband was a trooper though and took it in stride.

When I saw him again at the wedding, Harper was in his little suit but had already lost a shoe. When I saw him as we walked into the church my dad was carrying him around. When he saw me he screamed for his mommy. but I couldn't get him. This is how my dad spent most of the ceremony.

If you look close you can see how Harper has now lost both shoes and a sock. It was pretty chilly outside too. But at least he is happy. At the reception he was a little angel and I got to share him with some friends I haven't been able to have him meet yet. Over all it was an eventful and fun weekend for Harper's first wedding.

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