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Thursday, January 28, 2010


We have two puppies. Buddy who is 6 and Marley who is 3. Before Harper, they were my life. Ask anyone and they will tell you I am slightly obsessed with my dogs. They sleep in the bed with us. They are with us all the time. They sign all birthday and Christmas cards. They have been licking Harper since he came home from the hospital. Lately, I have been feeling really bad though. I still love them just as much as I have since the beginning, but I feel like I don't have as much time for them. Harper takes so much time and is so much more needy. This takes away from our long walks and cuddle time. It makes me feel as if I am neglecting them. I just hope they know how important they are to me even if I can't spend as much time as I used to.


Since Harper was born he has slept with us at night. In the hospital he slept next to me in the boppy pillow. The first week home Chris or I held him while we slept downstairs. The first month home he slept in the co-sleeper between us. From month 2-4 he slept in the basinette next to my side of the bed. At month 4 we tried the crib. Usually he would go in at 8 and be in bed with us by 11 or 12. I can't bear to hear him cry, so if I went in once or twice I would just pick him up and bring him in with us. Now for the last week or so, we haven't even attempted the crib. Just started the night with us and he wakes up with us. I know he is supposed to sleep by himself. He's supposed to love his beautiful nursery that is decorated just for him. I know I'm supposed to want him to sleep in there. I'm supposed to want my break. The thing is I miss him when he's not next to me. I feel like something is missing if I can't see him. Even for naps He sleeps on my laps, or on the couch next to me. I like being able to know he's ok. I like being able to fix something right away if he needs me. I'm sure this is something we'll grow out of. I'm sure eventually we'll want our space. Somehow I think it will be Harper who grows out of this first.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peanut Butter Crunch

I'm sure the name of this blog makes no sense. I don't even like peanut butter. So let me explain. Everyone said before Harper was born he would have some kind of food nickname from us. Why babies get nicknames about food, it's beyond me but it seems like something that happens. I am so against any of the shortened versions of Harper's name. Especially Harp. For some reason I really don't like it, so he gets called lots of other nicknames like peanut, sweet pea, little one, little man. One day I was talking to him and instead of peanut, peanut butter crunch comes out. I keep calling him this. Then the nickname turns into a song. This song has turned into Harper's favorite song. He loves to hear it. If he's really sad, I can sing this and and he instantly gets much happier. SInce my little guy is one of the happiest babies I have ever met, a song that makes him so happy seemed like the perfect name.

Naked Time

Anyone who knows me, knows I love clothes. When I had Harper I thought he would have on cute outfits all the time. At the beginning he did. I dressed him up and the grandmothers always thought he was cold so he had a hundred blankets on him all the time. This kids had something on him at all times. Then one day he was fussy. I had tried everything to calm him down. Feeding, changing, walking around, swing, singing, etc.. I tried it all. As a last resort, I was changing his diaper the millionth time. As I started to take his clothes off I needed to get something so he stayed without clothes for a little while. He started giggling. He loves to be naked! Now whenever he gets sad I just take his clothes off and leave him in his diaper and he's so happy. I still dress him up, but he definitely gets his naked time a lot too.


About a month ago our little Harper started crawling around backwards. Not fast but he would move backwards and then turn to get where he wanted to go. He had started to get pretty proficient at this. We were starting think he may even walk backwards! Then yesterday at babygarten he moved forward. It was just one scoot but it was forward! Then today he wanted his binky which he had previously thrown across the floor. I guess he wanted it bad enough because he moved forward to get it! I think we may need to start babyproofing!