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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Naked Time

Anyone who knows me, knows I love clothes. When I had Harper I thought he would have on cute outfits all the time. At the beginning he did. I dressed him up and the grandmothers always thought he was cold so he had a hundred blankets on him all the time. This kids had something on him at all times. Then one day he was fussy. I had tried everything to calm him down. Feeding, changing, walking around, swing, singing, etc.. I tried it all. As a last resort, I was changing his diaper the millionth time. As I started to take his clothes off I needed to get something so he stayed without clothes for a little while. He started giggling. He loves to be naked! Now whenever he gets sad I just take his clothes off and leave him in his diaper and he's so happy. I still dress him up, but he definitely gets his naked time a lot too.

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