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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Clothes

I have always been a clothes horse (btw I think this is the craziest expression to call someone who loves clothes, but anyway). I love to shop. I love to get new clothes. I love to put outfits together in my head and then feel the need to complete them. When I have a bad a little retail therapy always helps.

BH (before Harper), I got new clothes a lot. I would give any excuse to buy something new. We have a wedding, I need a new dress. There is a birthday party, I need a new top. My friend is coming for lunch, I need a new belt, etc. I would buy something new for everything and anything. Often times there wasn't even a reason, I just wanted something new. My favorite stores to buy from have been the LOFT, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Coach, White House Black Market, Victoria Secret, Target, etc. I always lust after things at more expensive stores but never could buy there.

AH(After Harper) we have been trying to save money. That means little to no shopping. I do a lot of online shopping, putting it in the cart, but then not actually buying it. I look at the cart over and over and kind of pretend that I am going to buy and then either things get sold out, or I cancel my cart after a few days ( I know this is really pathetic). I miss shopping. A LOT. I am at the point right now where I really don't like most of my clothes. After having a baby, things don't fit quite right sometimes and after being so used to shopping it's really hard for me to wear the same things over and over again ( I know, again really pathetic).

Today I was dying. Yesterday I must have tried on 50 outfits before I decided what to wear. SO when I woke up today I had shopping on the brain. After going to the LOFT.com and putting 200 worth of clothes in my shopping bag that I knew I couldn't really buy, I decided I would go to Target and let my self get a new top or two. So this afternoon went to Target and got two new tops. This is what I bought:
This is from the Liberty of London collection from Target. If you need a cute, inexpensive top I highly recommend them. I also bought a navy print top that I can't find a picture or a 3/4 length sleeve white cardigan. Hopefully this holds me over at least a little while.

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