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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday we went to babygarten. It's a singing, playing, reading class for babies that's offered at the library. We're taking it with a bunch of moms from mommy bootcamp (yay!). We don't get to go to bootcamp very much so it's so fun to see them and their cute little guys!

When we started way back in August, Harper was the youngest and smallest of the babies who we made friends with. When we went yesterday, while he is still the youngest, he is definitely not the smallest. He was by far the chubbiest baby there! At 6months, Harper was 18lbs 8oz. We are thinking he is well over 20lbs now, but not positive. We should know for sure on the 15th. The other babies are all so cute and definitley not as chubby.

Now I am worried though. Does he eat too much? I am feeding him the wrong foods? Is it my fault because I stopped nursing 6months and now he gets formula? Is chunking out now, but will lose it when he starts walking? Am I overly worried about nothing and he's totally fine?

He started gaining more weight around 6months. He does love to eat. He stops when he is full though. He is right between 6-9month clothes and 9-12month clothes. So I think that's pretty on par since he will be 9months old on the 15th. It's so hard to know what is right and wrong as far as feeding the little ones. We found "guidelines" online that we follow, but it's not cut and dry. I even hold things off and wait until the late end to expose him to things. I wish there were rules or a list to follow so I would know if I was ok or not.

My little one eating some yogurt juice and cherrios for dinner.

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