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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Working Out

Before I got pregnant with Harper, I worked out pretty regularly. Almost everyday. I really enjoy running and taking classes. I love the way my body feels afterward and I also love that I feel like I can eat yummy food! In the may before I got pregnant, I even ran a half marathon (didn't get a great time, but I at least finished!) Even when I got pregnant, I was getting up at 5 and running before work (yay for me!) especially since I am NOT a morning person! Well, I was pretty sick while I was pregnant. I tried to keep running, but getting sick every few strides is kinda discouraging. I would still walk while I was pregnant, but that is not running.

After I had him, I started going to Mommy Bootcamp. I absolutely loved this! I felt very out of shape though. My endurance was definitely not the same after not working out for so long, but going to class 3-4 times a week really got me back in shape. I was fitting into my old jeans! woo hoo! This was great until I went back to work.

In October I started back to teaching. It's only part-time, but 23 kindergarteners are exhausting and coming home to a baby is doubling exhausting. SO needless to say, working out went out the window unfortunately. I have only worked out spuratically since going back to work. Here and there exercise does not change your body back to how you want it to be.

So I tried to make a schedule and train for a 5k. I tried to follow it, but got off track after a few weeks :( Then I signed up for a challenge at the gym. 25 classes in the month of March. I thought I could go at 12, but so far that seems to be right in the middle of naptime. The morning classes are while I am working and the night classes are dinner/bedtime. I'm so frustrated with this. I want to workout and take classes. I definitely want to go back to liking how my clothes fit. It just seems like something keeps coming up. Harper is my first priority. I have to figure out how to make myself a priority too and fit working out into the working/taking care of the baby day.

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  1. I'm sorry that working out isn't working out so well! It's tough at that age for so many reasons and the gym situation right now doesn't help. It is good that you're trying to make yourself a priority too though- I didn't get to that point till Eva was 17 months. Definitely wish I had started sooner. I know exactly how frustrated you are right now. Hopefully it'll get easier once the new gym opens!