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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


25/365 Waiting patiently for Daddy

26/365 Take 2 at 365 project and trying to get them uploaded

27/365 My big boy drinking from a juice box all by himself

28/365 MMMMM cheesecake factory vanilla bean cheesecake
29/365 the new double BOB stroller from my parents....can't wait to go running again with both boys

30/365 Sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed

31/365 I love lollipops

32/365 He's here! Checking out the new little guy.

33/365 Nana and Grand-dude and their little dudes

34/365 Going home from the hospital

35/365 Beautiful flowers from wonderful friends

36/365 New baby asleep in the basinette

37/365 Big brother loves his baby brother

38/365 Love those baby feet

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