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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Hat

So last night the hubby and I were watching Hoarders on TV.  As we were watching, he says "look those people have the knitting thing you do.  Are you ever going to use that?  You should probably get rid of it."  

19/365 My finished hat, loom and yarn
For Christmas, I was given a hat look by someone I work with.  I was totally excited.  I have wanted to learn how to knit for a while.  But like lots of things it has been pushed to the back burner.  Plus I am always scared to try new things in case I'm not good at it.  I have kinda a fear of being bad at things so I tend to stick with things I think I can do well first try.  Knitting was one of those things, I thought I would be bad at for some reason so I was pushing it off.  Today I decided I was going to try it.  I didn't want to just save it in the closet.  So during Harper's napime I broke it out.  Luckily the directions had pictures.  I even finished my first hat today! 

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