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Monday, May 24, 2010

11month and counting

Harper turned 11month a week and a half ago.  Since then it seems like he is learning one trick after another.
 Happy 11months Baby!

He can now say three words that we understand, dada, dog and the long awaited mama!! yeah! He's been saying dada since February.  But he can say mama now and I know he's saying it to me!  It melts my heart everytime he says it.

He is cruising around the furniture like a mad man.  He can move so quickly holding on to one piece of furniture as he moves to the next.  Especially if he sees something he wants like a cell phone to suck on or a soda to knock over.  I feel like walking is just around the corner.
 This is Harper cruising the chairs after the wedding ceremony we just went to.

He is crawling super fast.  Sometime his little legs move faster than his arms he is going so fast.  His little hips go back and forth.  It's amazing to me as I think back to his backward crawling days.  I think he could win a baby race hands down right now.  He loves to go up the stairs too.  His favorite game is to crawl to the stairs and wait till he sees you watching and then once he sees you, crawl up as many stairs as he can without you helping.  We play this game over and over all day long.

He can high 5 and wave.  He has been able to high five for about a month now, but now if you say hi or bye to him he puts his little hand in the air and opens and closes it. 

It's amazing to me.  Every new accomplishment blows me away.  Of course we think he is the smartest, cutest bay ever.  Just like all parents think about their babies.  He is the light of my life.  It's hard to think he wasn't even here yet a year ago. Everyday is something new right now.  Everyone says babies change and grow so quickly but you don't appreciate this comment until you see your little angel do it right before your very eyes!

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