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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Diaper Derby

This week I was looking into things to do this weekend and I found a Strawberry Festival in our area.  One of the events was a Diaper Derby.  The diaper derby was a crawling race between babies 3months and 12 months.  After I read this I really wanted to go.  Harper is the fastest crawler.  He can go to one side of the house to the other in no time at all.

So this morning we went to the Diaper Derby.  Harper won the first race hands down.  He speed down the track and won easily.  So the got to the championship.  He took the lead early on, but every time he'd go really fast, people would cheer and Harper would get distracted and sit and look at all the people.  So in the end another baby passed him while he took a break to watch his fans  It was so cute!  And so funny to see babies race!  It's amazing how competitive and proud you can be with an 11month old.
 Harper in the 1st race
 Harper in the championship
 Harper racing around in the grass after the race
Passed out in the car after the festival.  Poor little guy even fell asleep mid bite with his hand in the puffs.


  1. Found your blog and it is too cute! I am also a teacher and know that yes it is nice to feel appreciated! New follower!

  2. Great:) Thanks for the nice comment! What grade do you teach?