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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So today was my first major catastrophe as a mom.  My son fell down and started bleeding for the first time.  Harper was busy watching his dad and grandpa work on the deck while he was standing up holding onto a chair. As he tried to move from the chair to the coffee table he either got caught on the carpet, or his feet moved faster than his arms, whatever happened his little hands didn't make it to the coffee table.  He started losing his balance and went to catch him self but couldn't.  He hit the chair and then bounced off the coffee table and finally hit the floor.  All while I watched from the other side of the room.  I tried to get there in time, but even though to me it looked as though it was happening in slow motion, it probably took all of 5seconds.  I got to him as fast as I can.  He was doing one of those cries where he couldn't catch his breath.  You know the kind where their little face is so red and can tell they are in so much pain, but no noise is coming out.  He had as small little dot of blood on his chin and blood in his mouth.  At first I thought his one little tooth had cut through his chin.  It would be my luck that the kid has one tooth and that would cause a major injury.  But thank goodness that wasn't the case.  He must of hit the spot where is next little tooth is about to come in and this caused it to bleed.  It was so terrible seeing my baby in pain.  Luckily it was nothing major, but it felt awful.  It's even harder knowing that this is only the beginning of many more boo-boos for my little bruiser.  
  If you look closely you can see the cut on his chin (it must be really bothering him, lol)

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