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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Every since Harper was born in June, the puppies have loved kissing him. Some people would say it's licking and that it's gross that the dogs do that. I think it's wonderful. Buddy and Marley were/are my first kids. People said I wouldn't love them as much once Harper was born. Things would change people said. Well things changed but not as people said they would. We now have 3 kids in the bed instead of 2. I now have 3 kids to take for a walk instead of 2. We now have to find arrangements for 3 kids instead of 2 when we go out. My love for them didn't decrease. I just added another wonderful little one to our family. That's why I think it is so wonderful that Buddy and Marley love Harper. I love that they kiss him. I am so happy that they have adopted him as another sibling and that Harper loves them right back. That's why this is one of my all time favorite pictures.

I also love this one...

And even though this one isn't kissing, I especially love this one......

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