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Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day

This past weekend Harper went on his first long car trip to NY. To be honest I was kind of dreading it. Not the weekend of course, but being in the car anywhere from 5-8 hours with the little man. He has decided recently that he is not a huge fan of the car seat or anywhere else that reigns in his newly aquired crawling skills, so I was thinking he was really not going to be a fan of the car. And naturally since Chris drives on long car trips, it was going to be my job to jump from front seat to back seat to entertain our energetic, little one.

I was pleasantly surprised though. One, because of all the snow we have had there was about half the traffic on the road as usual on a trip to NY. This was great because we didn't get stuck in any bumper to bumper traffic like we usually do. Two, we left shortly after he had his first bottle and he took a great two and a half hour nap! This is much longer than he will sleep when he is at home. He only woke up for about an hour or so and we played and ate and then he went back to sleep. He was so good! Of course there were a few moments of blood curdling screams when he realized that he was in his car seat and couldn't get out to play. But he was easily distracted by the excessive amount of toys we kept in the car to play with.

Once we got to NY, we had a great weekend. We got to hang out with Jen and Pete, see their family and meet their cute little niece Emily. She and Harper are only 3 weeks a part so it was very fun to see them play together. They even traded binkies! Emily and Harper are both Jen's godchildren so it's extra special that they had a chance to meet.

On Valentine's night we even got to go on a grown up only double date which was really fun. I'm glad to say the car ride back went just as well as the car ride up so it was a very successful first trip weekend :)

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